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Computer Requirements: Windows Operating System with the latest .NET Framework (Free) installed and internet connection.
Free Membership Guarantee: You will never be forced to upgrade, you can use the system for free as long as you want.


Quick Intro 

What if you could have Google users around the world with a multitude of IPs searching your Keywords and then clicking Your URLs on the SERPs. Google will notice your URL with Keyword Search Results matching and start pushing you up higher up on the SERP rankings.

Better still, what if you could have your keyword competitors' links clicked and they quickly bounced back to the SERP page, rejected like a screaming, unwanted red-headed kid at K-Mart. Google will start to question why it puts your Competitors on the SERP if it wasn't relevant -- and off they go, falling off to the oblivion of the SERP back pages.

Well, this is exactly what the free service PandaBot.Net, is all about. You easily set up a FREE PandaBot.Net account and traffic campaigns to run: Your keywords, your URL to locate, and your internal URLs to click when found in the SERPs. To have your traffic campaigns run, you need to earn "Traffic Time Credits". You earn Traffic Time Credits by downloading a lightweight Panda Smart Browser that will automatically log you in and run other users’ SERP campaigns on your computer's Panda Smart Browser. It’s all automatic, you earn Traffic Time Credits for running other members' campaigns, then they run your campaigns on their computer's Panda Smart Browsers.

PandaBot.Net is one of the best SEO tools you can get today and it’s Free (NO CREDIT CARD required)

Why Is It Better?

1 - Imagine if you could automatically have 1,000s users running your campaigns for your keywords and clicking on your URLs -- what would that do for your SERP? All with different IPs, all around the US and the world.

2 - How would you like to shove your keyword competitors around like a muscular bully on a beach? You will be automatically bouncing your competitors -- clicking on competitors links and in less than a few seconds, clicking back to the search engine result page, -- and telling Google that that search entry was not relevant -- so get them off the SERP?

3 - How about the ability to click more than 1 page after the SERP. You can set campaigns where each keyword-URL pair has a sequence of up to 20 of your website pages that Panda Smart Browser follows to make it look more realistic.

4 - It's easy. Once you set up your Traffic/Social Campaigns, you run the Panda Smart Browser and leave it alone. The Panda Smart Browser goes out and finds another PandaBot.Net member’s Traffic/Social Campaigns and runs it on your Panda Smart Browser. Panda Smart Browser checks each campaign URL at the start with online Antivirus scanners  and enforces a no-crap site rule (i.e. Gambling, porn, etc.)

5 - Free (Basic) Account : The free account is a great deal. You get a 60% Traffic Time Credits for your Panda Smart Browser time from reciprocal members. You spend one hour browsing and you get 36 minutes of reciprocal members browsing your URL-Keyword SERP campaign. Standard account : $19.99 per month and gives you 120% Traffic Time Credits for your browsing time. Premium account : $49.99 per month and gives you 240% Traffic Time Credits for your browsing time.

6 - Excellent reports. There are reports on all your campaign activities. You will be able to tell in minutes how much time you earned, which of your campaigns have run and by whom (City-Country) and how many competitors you have bounced, just to mention a few.

7 - The most sophisticated human emulation clicking methodology.

How It Works

Sign up for a free account, 25 hours of Traffic Time Credits will be added to your account for free. Download the lightweight Panda Smart Browser and run it. You will just start earning Traffic Time Credits immediately. It automatically selects another member’s campaign and runs it while you accumulate Traffic Time Credits. You will like "SET and FORGET" system. Your Traffic Time Credits are applied to have other users run your SEO campaigns on their computers/IPs.

Go to web interface -membership panel- and create campaigns: Your websites, your keywords and your website pages to click when found on the keyword SERP. Setup human emulations and competitor bounce rates. The website is very easy to navigate and easy to understand. You can complete creating your Traffic Campaigns in a few minutes and your Traffic Campaigns will be run by the other online member’s Panda Smart Browsers automatically  as long as you have more than 10 hours of Traffic Time Credits available. More Traffic Time Credits means More Traffic for your websites.

After Sign Up, please login and download the Panda Smart Browser first.
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Please just click Start Panda Smart Browser button. It will ask your login credentials once.
It does not require your interaction !  
You can watch the Panda Smart Browser or do your daily chores.
While running, you will earn Traffic Time Credits that you can use for your Traffic Campaigns.

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Panda Bot Network Back Office is your Settings and Reports control panel. You can access by using your everyday browser, you can create your campaigns and view the reports.
First click
Settings|Promote Your Websites| 1 - Website Profile
to add your Websites.
Then please go through steps 2-3-4. You will be guided by the tools and tips at the web interface.
After you created your Traffic Campaigns, the Panda Smart Browsers of other PBN members around the world will run the tasks of your campaigns, as long as you have Traffic Time Credits available.

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